Nutritional Rickets: Vitamin D Deficiency Comeback in Modern Society

Nutritional rickets, a childhood disease caused by vitamin D deficiency, continues to be a public health problem in a vast number of countries around the world. Despite medical awareness and advances in developed countries, the disease continues to represent an issue among infants and children. Infants of darker skin, infants who are exclusively breastfed, and those who are prevented from adequate ultraviolet light exposure due to climate conditions, social and/or religious customs, are at higher risk of developing this disease. During lactation, the maternal vitamin D insufficiency that is caused by a lack of sun exposure and a diet low in vitamin D correlates to low levels of the vitamin through breast milk, resulting in infant nutritional rickets. Not only does Vitamin D deficiency remain the major cause of rickets among infants around the globe; the recent resurgence has resulted in the causation of other diseases, making the compliance of health care providers and pediatricians a crucial aspect to avoid its emergence in modern society.… Read More Nutritional Rickets: Vitamin D Deficiency Comeback in Modern Society