LiLa CoNneCTioN

Purple frames the pictures of the future

created by love so red

under skies so blue

a discoloration

an eroticism lent only by passion and happiness of these two


a strong connection

purple bruises me and you


Purple is the color of royalty

surrounding our kingdom

legacy of love.

Purple is the color of blood

running through the veins

of our lineage.

Purple is the sign of you and me

and when we come together

at night

Purple is the sea.


When happiness exist only through your eyes

And feelings of joy comes only through your smile

When your touch seems so real

long after you are gone

And your taste on my lips

makes me miss you even more

When you call and I hear your voice

and my soul feels rejoice

That’s what I call purple.


When we reason over related issues

of the world around us

when we both wish things can be made

better by us

When I leave and I wish I could stay

when you promise things will work out okay

And faith is what keeps us strong

while in distance we have to move on

That’s what you call purple.


Color me Purple if you can.

Get your heart in motion.

Let’s get naked in the sand

and then swim in the Purple Ocean.

Let me inside your Purple mind

so I can make you see

that it doesn’t get no better than

a Purple you and me.


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