A Matter of Semantics

This is going to be a short post folks.

Today I feel very disappointed with humanity.  I think it is understandable, since I found out that people who believe that the Earth is flat still exist.  I think I might still be in a state of shock!  I have learned to expect the unexpected long time ago, but I guess I just cannot get over the dimensions of human ignorance! It continues to amaze me and it clearly rubs me the wrong way.  Sometimes I get these goose bumps all over my body while my jaw involuntarily drops as a reaction to the things I hear and see that are undoubtedly mind-blowing!

Talking about ignorance… it makes me think about the entire #BlackLivesMatter versus #AllLivesMatter controversy.  Of course the media is responsible for misleading and brainwashing the populace with sensationalist news – that is not news to me – but why has it turned into an “Us versus Them” subject?


Yes, of course #AllLivesMatter, but that is not the point here!  Nobody is disputing that.  Let me put it this way: just because it states “Save the Rainforest” or “Save the Whales”, pointing out a specific issue that requires immediate attention, does not mean that other forests or aquatic marine mammals are being disregarded, or that they are less important!  Right?  Well, the same logic applies to #BlackLivesMatter.


Let me give you another quick example.  When people say that the word “Feminism’ is gender-biased by itself, what they don’t seem to understand is that there is a reason why the word “woman” is its root.  It is the exact same reason why a “Women’s Day” exists and not a “Men’s Day”, a “Children’s Day” exists and not a “Adult’s Day”, a “Freedom Day” exists and not a “Slavery Day”, a “Peace Day” exists and not a “War Day”…

It is the exact same reason why #BlackLivesMatter is used and not #AllLivesMatter.  The main focus that is pointed out here is privilege!  We do not celebrate those that are in privileged positions.  What sense would that make?  Instead, we are reminded of those UNPRIVILEDGED groups that require immediate attention, while identifying problems that should not be overlooked.  It is all about focusing on the root of the problem and not on the branches!  It is called “solution-oriented approach”.

Makes sense now?



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