What to feed your brainwashed Brain

It doesn’t stop to amaze me how easy it is to brainwash people, especially in modern days in which technology is at our fingertips. What sense does it make to have information just a simple click away, if people do not take advantage and utilize this commodity? People are using media outlets the wrong way, because they are not using it intelligently and to their own benefit. Instead, the media companies are the ones that are holding the handle of the pan, and feeding “customers” whatever they are cooking by forcefully shoveling it down their throats. Of course, that’s an art apart because it takes some great skills to do this while keeping the targets unaware of what is really happening. You go Media Co.!

I look around me and I see individuals watching TV and believing everything that the news channels report, looking at posts on different media outlets and trusting the information that they read, listening to the stories that other individuals share and continuing the circle of misinformation by playing telephone with others… That’s how things work nowadays, right? You see something you like online, and you share it with others. That ‘share’ button is just a click away! Effortless. And if your friends have not seen the shared post – for whatever reason that may be – no problem, as you are eager to tell them all about it in person.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not exempt of it. I have been and probably will continue to be a victim of media’s brainwash and manipulation. I have been conditioned the same way that you, You, and YOU have been influenced. But I have made a very important decision for myself. I have decided not get easily swayed away and believe everything I see or hear. I have learned to use the powerful tools that have been placed in my reach. It comes down to that epic question in the movie The Matrix, “Do you want to take the red pill or the blue pill?” and I pick knowledge over misinformation all day, everyday.

Yes, the ‘share’ button is very tempting at times because it is definitely the easier route to take. To research, on the other hand, takes some more effort and time. Thinking that whatever information you may come across is correct, because you consider it to be possibly truthful, just seems to be the simple option. But remember, thinking is not the same as knowing! Not only are you doing a disservice to yourself, but you are also doing a disfavor to others by sharing misinformation. At the same time you turn into media’s puppet by aiding the spread of erroneous facts that fall under the personal agenda of the five cats that pull societal strings.

Did you know that there are websites that look at information that goes viral and researches it, in order to confirm or discredit it? Yes, these websites let you know which stories are actually a hoax. Unfortunately, by the time that happens, a lot of people have already believed the erroneous information and shared if with many others; hence, the term ‘viral’. But hold on… The fact that there are people doing the research for you blows my mind! Doesn’t that bother you, not even a little bit?

Instead of spending hours stalking your “friends” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever the hell that you use… instead of watching reality shows about the lives of others (who the fuck cares! Does the K-family pay your groceries? No, but you sure help them pay theirs!)… Instead of wasting your time having useless discussions on comment-trails on different social media outlets about stupid topics, I encourage you to use your time wisely.  Your time is precious! Nobody can give you time back!

Next time you read an article, post, or listen to the news, I highly suggest you start asking questions and searching for answers. Research! And by ‘research’ I mean: spend a good amount of time finding information on the topic you are trying to learn more about, and contrast different points of view. Know that not everything on the Internet represents the truth. Switch on your critical thinking folks! Find arguments in favor and opposing views to the topic you are researching, in order to get a broader perspective before you narrow it down to make up your own opinion about it. Remember that everything is not just black or white! If you want to build a strong argument, you need to take into consideration all the angles; thus, taking in account all the shades of grey in between. Knowledge is power! Unless you want to be another echo in today’s society, I persuade you to find your own voice, and speak up for those who cannot. So next time you read, see, or hear something, please take a minute to think first.


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