* Welcome to my World *

Hello Everybody!

Starting a blog has been a thought that has been wandering in my mind for quite some time. Like most people – myself not being an exception to the rule – I have been caught up with the ups and downs that life has to offer.  Along the way I have been able to write down my thoughts, whether it has been an assignment for academia or just to express myself in a more private manner.  At some point, instructors, family members, and friends began to plant the seed in my head that my written words should be shared with the rest of the world.  Honestly, it makes sense because I have a lot to say and I wouldn’t want my words to die on paper!

The main goal of this blog is to bring people together, focusing on similarities rather than differences. This is specially challenging, because we live in a society that influences exactly the opposite: differences over similarities. Hence, I would like to share ideas from a macro perspective, although still shedding light on micro topics that work as interconnected pieces that lead to a greater thought.

Let’s put it this way: regardless of your sex, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, mother tongue, culture, age, life experience, social class, background, upbringing, religion, political ideology, education, etcetera – it all falls under the same big umbrella.  Before defining who we are based on these concepts, and not matter how different we may seem to be, we all have something very important in common: we are all human beings.  That’s the macro look that I set focus on.

I invite readers to think outside of the box and challenge their own thoughts, breaking them down to allow the opportunity to form new ideas and perspectives.  Or to the contrary, if my words help readers to reinforce their own ideas and opinions than so be it!  All I can ask for is for you to turn your critical thinking on.  Don’t be a social echo. Have a voice and let it be heard! Challenge yourself to challenge.

I hope that my words are received with an open mind, and a sincere heart.

Best wishes,

– Citizen of the World –

Disclaimer: The information published today may not be valid or accurate tomorrow. The natural evolution of information will translate into the change of content of this blog over time. The accuracy and validity of the blog’s content is not guaranteed because human beings make mistakes. That also applies to external links added to the blog that might not be free of error. Anyone reading this blog will not hold the author libel for what is said or displayed, as the content of this blog reflects the blogger’s personal opinion, and is not intended to malign any ideology, concept, company, group, individual, thing, or anything else that may apply here. This blog is a collection of the blogger’s personal views, opinions, ideas, and thoughts. The author is responsible for own words, as they strictly express personal opinion. The author is not responsible for the personal views, opinions, ideas, and thoughts of others that comment on or about the blog, nor the law that commenters may break in any country through their comments’ content, implication, and intent. The blogger is not responsible for translation or interpretation of content, neither bad grammar nor punctuation. The blogger does not intend to do any harm, or intend to injure others, defame, or libel. What is written and shared on this blog is not to be taken as a fact or absolute. This blog is not generated to make money or get paid for blogging content. The author is not responsible for defamatory statements bound to government, religious, or other laws from the reader’s country of origin. The content in this blog can be shared and used by readers as long as adequate credit and ownership has been given to the author, including proper citation, reference, and acknowledgment whenever pertinent. When in doubt, readers can ask for permission first before doing something that could jeopardize copyright policy.  None of the companies or trademarks mentioned in this blog are related to this post in any way.  If the above companies do not which to be mentioned, please inform the author and fictitious names will be applied instead.

To summarize, this is meant to be an innocent platform to practice freedom of expression of personal views, and is not intended to harm in any possible way. The author may make mistakes and asks for understanding and communication exchange to solve the problem instead of a lawsuit. Thank you.


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